Together for Jorge: JxC supports Lanata and demands Cafiero's resignation

The minister flaunted his English skills, calling the journalist a "dickhead". Representatives from JxC call for him to step down.

Around 15 lawmakers from Together for Change (JxC) in Congress demanded the resignation of the Foreign Affairs minister Santiago Cafiero this afternoon  because of his attacks to Clarín´s journalist Jorge Lanata, who he called a "dickhead".


This friday Cristian Ritondo; Mario Negri; Rodrigo de Loredo; Omar de Marchi; Paula Oliveto Lago; Mercedes Joury; Graciela Ocaña; Alejandro Finocchiario; Soher El Sukaria; Dina Rezinovsky; Adriana Ruarte; Ana Clara Romero; Gerardo Milman and Virginia Cornejo presented a resolution where they argumented their demands in "(Cafiero's) expressions made against Jorge Lanata". 


Here´s the full resolution:


Cafiero's declarations were made this morning in Urbana Play radio, where the journalist María O'Donnell interviewed the minister about his speech in the International Expo Dubai 2020, where he tried to speak English but flubbed his pronunciation.



espana exige que milei se disculpe por llamar corrupta a la esposa de sanchez
Maximiliano Pullaro a los abrazos, aquí y allá. 

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